What should I wear?

Pregnancy and post-partum are often a sensitive time for women as their bodies are going through so many changes! One of my priorities in my sessions is to make sure Mom feels beautiful and special. I offer my female clients access to my client wardrobe for their sessions if they so choose. I offer various sizes and styles of maternity and traditional dresses that are flattering for most figures. If you're interested, please contact me and we can setup a style consultation.

What should the Family wear?

I suggest sticking with neutral (cream, white, gray), pastel or more muted colors (such as navy, emerald, merlot). Don't choose clothing that has logos or large distracting patterns. Any patterns should be soft and minimal. Think about cozy fabrics and textures like linen, soft cottons, chunky knits and lace. I always recommend choosing the family's clothing around whatever Mom feels comfortable and beautiful in!

What should Baby Wear?

For baby, keep it simple. Soft onesies or sleepers and neutral diapers without patterns. If he has colorful swaddles we can add some of those for the photos as well. We really just want to highlight his beautiful new life and too much fussy clothing can be a distraction in photos. However, if you have family heirlooms like a handmade quilt or special articles of clothing you want him photographed in (my girls wore some of my baby sweaters) be sure to have those out for us to use as well!


What if My Home is Dark?

Whenever possible, I will use natural light from the windows when photographing inside your home. Film LOVES LIGHT! However, sometimes we will want images in a room that doesn't have great light, or perhaps we'll get an overcast day. In these instances, I am prepared to use an off camera strobe light to bring in the necessary light. Images with strobe lighting blend seamlessly with my natural light images and I can assure you will not be able to tell a difference.

Can my Family Join Me for My Maternity Session?

Absolutely. Any immediate family members are welcome to join you for your maternity session. Since it's not exactly a family session, most of the time will be focused on you, but I am happy to incorporate your spouse and other children. 

Will You be Posing My Baby?

As a lifestyle photographer I am not focused on making posed or heavily styled pictures of your baby. Instead I will search for and setup moments of interaction and bonding between you, your family, and your new baby. Each session is intimately unique not only because I capture your family's story, but also because the backdrop is your very own home. I will spend some time making portraits of your baby alone, usually on the bed or a bench, but they will be very natural and unfussy. 

Do you photograph weddings?

I do! I am an associate wedding photographer over at Ryan Nicole Photography. Head over there for more information!


Have more questions? Contact me and I'll be happy to answer!