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I'm Mariel, founder of Mariel Joy Photography based in Phoenix, Arizona. I am wife to Paul, mother to Emma and Margaret, follower of Jesus, lover of calligraphy, cool weather, ice cream and soul friends.

Since I was a little girl I have loved photography as a way of creative expression and memory keeping. As a new mother myself, I am passionate about remembering these fleeting days with little ones in our arms. I absolutely love recording the anticipation of a new baby with maternity photography, and capturing those first days at home as a growing family with lifestyle newborn photography. 

My medium of choice is film photography. I believe film photography produces the best quality end product that I can create for my clients and I love everything about it. If you'd like to learn more about film photography, check out my blog post about it here.

My heart for this business is that the photos I take will be a reminder of joy and blessing to my clients for years to come.

*Photos by Hovering Hearts Photography